ioT at iThots

iThots is a place where technology evolves everyday. What is next at iThots? It’s the Internet of Things. For a long time, our R&D team has been researching and developing new IoT concepts. iThots has recently been very active in taking part in various IoT seminars and conferences in the city.

We are developing latest IoT solutions for several industries – healthcare, manufacturing, energy, transportation, etc. In the manufacturing unit we are looking forward to create IoT systems that can connect the factories, machines and supply chains. In the filed of transportation, iThots is developing IoT solutions that can make public transport much easier by building effective communication systems.

Improving Automation

IoT is the key to building impelling industrial automation in any sector. Industrial automation facilitates the enhancement of the product quality, reliability and production rate. It reduces the production and design cost by adopting new, innovative and integrated technologies and services. With one precocious IoT network substructure, you can better the operations, increase safety and build security. A proper network can help you secure your data from both internal and external attackers.

Our focus areas in IoT Development

iThots is current researching and formulating solutions for

• Industrial Automation
• Network Connectivity
• Data Analytics
• Connectivity Management
• Embedded Networks
• Corporate Management using IoT
• Network Security

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